Data Salsa and the Semantic Search 2.0

Dear Open Data Community,
Data Salsa is delighted to unveil Semantic Search 2.0, marking an extraordinary leap in the world of data exploration. As pioneers in this field, we invite you to join the launch of our BETA Version and experience the future of data search starting from Open Data.

In the era of big data, the sheer volume and complexity of information have posed challenges in harnessing its full potential. Traditional search methods have limitations, leading to irrelevant results and overlooking contextual and semantic relationships between datasets. Semantic Search 2.0 addresses these challenges, breaking the ontology and language barriers and biases, offering a sleek and intuitive approach to data discovery.

About Semantic Search 2.0

Semantic Search 2.0 integrates machine learning algorithms (MLA) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to comprehend search queries, transcending language barriers. It navigates datasets, matching and ranking results based on semantic relevance, going beyond traditional keyword matching for more efficient and insightful data exploration.

It has the ability to delve into the intricate web of semantic relationships within data, ensuring accurate and deeply meaningful results. It prioritizes semantic relevance, significantly enhancing search precision. Moreover, the multilingual capability enhances versatility, allowing users to seamlessly search in their preferred language. This breaks down language barriers, expanding open data accessibility. The semantic relevance ensures users receive not only the most relevant information but also hidden insights compared to traditional keyword-based searches.

Benefits for Open Data communities

Semantic Search 2.0 offers substantial benefits to Open Data communities by revolutionizing the way data is explored and harnessed:

  • The integration of advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing empowers users to transcend language barriers, enabling seamless searches across datasets in various languages.
  • By prioritizing semantic relevance over traditional keyword matching, Semantic Search 2.0 ensures that search results are not only accurate but deeply meaningful, unlocking hidden patterns and correlations within the data.
  • This technology enhances search precision, making data exploration more efficient and insightful, ensuring accessibility for both technical and non-technical users, promoting inclusivity within the Open Data community.
  • The multilingual capability of Semantic Search 2.0 not only breaks down language barriers but also expands the accessibility of open data, fostering a more informed and interconnected society.
Semantic Search 2.0 stands as a catalyst for a more semantic, intuitive, and powerful future for the Open Data community.


Data Salsa stands as a technological beacon, embodying the core tenets of ethical AI, emphasizing fairness, transparency, and reliability. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates with CKAN's native APIs, ensuring a non-invasive installation with a zero-risk integration. At the heart of Data Salsa's functionality is our ethical AI that undertakes the intricate task of compiling metadata, ultimately empowering the robust capabilities of Semantic Search 2.0.

Data Salsa offers several interfaces and deployment options:

Web App

Experience a user-friendly web interface designed for seamless data exploration. The responsive design ensures accessibility across various devices, making open data discovery effortless for users of all backgrounds.

Public and Private APIs

Unlock the potential of Semantic Search 2.0 through our APIs. Public APIs cater to data analysts, developers, and machines, while Private APIs provide a secure avenue for accessing and controlling confidential data, eliminating privacy concerns and GDPR implications.

Bring your AI license

Data publishers have the flexibility to harness the power of Data Salsa using their existing AI licenses, streamlining cost management while retaining control over their data.

SaaS, Cloud, On-Premise deployment

Choose the deployment option that aligns with your preferences. Embrace the convenience of our flexible, cost-effective and secure SaaS solution or opt for direct deployment into your Cloud or On-Premise infrastructure, ensuring complete control over your data environment.

About us

Data Salsa is an Irish start-up revolutionizing data exploration with Semantic Search 2.0, a fusion of machine learning and natural language processing. Committed to ethical AI, we seamlessly integrate with CKAN catalogues, making open data more accessible. Our roadmap includes ongoing research and development, with plans to enhance search accuracy by delving into any type of data, structured and unstructured files, providing augmented metadata.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey, gaining early access to this new technology and providing valuable feedback for further refinement. Check out our Beta Version.

Contact us at for discussing a business engagement or if you wish to support or finance our AI technology.